Project Name: The Castle of Fireflies; Environment /Concept Art; Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5;



The Castle of Fireflies _concept art 1

The Castle of Fireflies _concept art 2

The Castle of Fireflies _concept art 3


The Castle of Fireflies _concept art 4

The Castle of Fireflies _concept art 5

The Castle of Fireflies _concept art 6

The Castle of Fireflies _concept art 7

The Castle of Fireflies _concept art 8

Final Concept Art

The Castle of Fireflies _concept art 9



Project Name: Tala Tenderfoot; Environment /Concept Art; Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5; Timescale: about 2 hours


Tala Environment 1

Tala Environment 2

Tala Environment 3

Tala Environment 4

Tala Environment 5

Tala Environment

Project Name: Red Valkyrie; Client: Personal Project;  Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5;

Timescale: 27 hours


For this concept art I had an initial idea on my mind. I wanted to paint a Valkyrie in a snowy mountains, that is preparing to hit her spear toward a predator. Then I started to look for the references in Google, that could inspire me in sketching.  I downloaded the best photos with a nice line of action because I wanted to draw a dynamic pose with a strong impact.

Valkyrie 0

I used hard brush and I started to draw on my “yellow digital paper”,which I prepared for sketches.  I made a lot of thumbnails before I was satisfied. As always I picked the best thumbnail and then I continued to work on details.

Valkyrie 1

On the sketch that I chose I added some details and I flip it few times in order to test if anatomy works. When I finished it I started to look for photo references. This part of the process reminds me of Dr. Frankenstein :). I’ve found a photo reference for the Valkyrie’s hair, after this for her legs, for her head and … etc. I put all these references over my sketch in order to get a correct anatomy. It’s very important to find very nice picture for the face of your character. A face on our illustration is something that first catches the eye!(just keep it in mind). It’s so difficult to find a picture that perfectly suits to your sketch, because of this I used “Transform Tool” with Warp in order to put all these body parts on the right place. Now I have very nice texture and anatomy and I’m ready to start with digital painting.

Valkyrie 2

I’ve created a new document with this size: 2126 x 2965 px and I put my sketch in it. I place the face of Valkyrie on the right top point of interest.

Valkyrie 4

At this point I’m starting to think about the form and dynamic and I sketched a line of action for the mountain and a predator. The end of both lines of action should points toward her face.

Valkyrie 4A

I started to search for references in Google and with a keyword “snowy mountain” I found a lot beautiful pictures, that I could use for my concept art. One of these cliffs I placed under the feet of my character. It is important to find a low saturated pictures because I’m going to decide about the direction of light.

Valkyrie 5

I decided that light and wind are coming from the right side. Because of the shadows on her face and the shadows of the cliff. I also picked up some colors from the rock and I started coloring the background (of course with a low saturated colors).

Valkyrie 6

On the picture below you can see that I use FineArtBrushes Vol.1 and you can download it for free on this link: On the painting below I marked a brush that I use a lot, but feel free to test each of them.


Valkyrie 7

I used another reference photo and I placed the rest of the mountain along my line of action. With a tool “Transform” and clicking the right mouse button you’ll see pop-up menu and a Warp Tool. I used this tool to place the mountain on a desired place.

Valkyrie 9

I converted the girl in grayscale mode and then I started to work on her clothes. Now it’s much easier to work with different values.

Valkyrie 10

For Valkyrie’s hair and hands I used the photo references. I kept in mind that light comes from the right side.

Valkyrie 11

For the head of a predator I also used photo reference (hyena jaws) which inspired me during a painting process.

Valkyrie 12

I made a new layer with texture on the top of my concept art and I turned it in grayscale mode. I changed the opacity of this layer to 47% and Layer Blend Mode to Overlay.

Valkyrie 13

After this I started to paint and to work on the details.

Valkyrie 14

Valkyrie 15

When I was satisfied with values I made two new layers for color (one in Overlay mode and the other one in Multiply mode).

Valkyrie 16

And here is the final colored illustration.

Red Valkyrie