Who am I?

A young man was tormented by the question of who he really was. Unable to find an answer, he went to a wise man who lived deep in the forest. It took him quite some time to find the wise man, as he lived alone and far from the nearest settlement. When he arrived, the young man asked the old man:

“Who am I?”

“You are what you think,” the old man replied. “Let me explain with a story.” One day, at dusk, two people could be seen hugging outside the city walls.

“That’s Dad and Mom,” thinks an innocent child.

“That’s two lovers,” thinks a man with a twisted mind.

“That’s two friends who haven’t seen each other in a long time,” thinks a man who lives alone.

“That’s two traders who made a good deal,” thinks a man greedy for money.

“That’s a father hugging his son who returned from war,” thinks a woman of gentle soul.

“That’s a daughter hugging her father who returned from his trip,” thinks a man grieving the death of his daughter.

“That’s two lovers,” thinks a girl who dreams of love.

“That’s two men fighting to the death,” thinks a killer.

“Who knows why they are hugging?” thinks a narrow-minded man.

“How beautiful it is to see two people hugging,” thinks a noble man.

“Everyone thinks,” the old man concluded, “depending on who they are.”

So delve into your thoughts: they can tell you the most about who you are.

Author: Unknown

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