How to Deal with Deadlines :)

       Who among us likes deadlines? Nobody likes to stay until midnight in the office. Deadlines make us forget to eat and even go to the toilet. They cause pressure in our chest and our blood pressure to rise. We can’t sleep and they weaken our immune system.

They make us unhappy, stressed and angry, envious, disappointed or sad. Our eyes are constantly drawn to the clock and the monitor as time runs faster and faster. The problems grow and the stress builds.

But what can we do?

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I’ve decided not to run away from deadlines. They show me who I really am by testing my temper, patience and respect for others, even when things don’t go as I planned or expected. Deadlines reveal my true character, with all my weaknesses and strengths. That’s why I like deadlines; they help me measure my patience and endurance. In the end, deadlines are just that, DEAD LINES and I have a chance to improve myself.

Whether we like it or not, our lives are a constant journey from one deadline to another.

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