The impatient clients and rash promises

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Clients will always push you to make a promise about delivery. It’s easy to make promises, but the difficult part is keeping them. If you make a promise and don’t keep it, you’ll lose credibility.

Be careful when making such promises. Take some time to see how much time you need for a task. Don’t forget, problems will appear; problems you didn’t expect, even if you think, “That’s so easy.” Don’t hurry. Don’t be too confident.

Estimate the time for your project and add some extra hours, or even days if necessary. If you don’t fulfill your promise, the client will remind you, “But you promised me it would be finished by today.” Think carefully about the task. Now think about it again.

Estimate your time again. Don’t make a promise too quickly, not to your boss, not to your wife, not to your child, not to God.

Think twice, and see how it goes. It’s easy to make promises, but the hard part is keeping them.


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