The Ugly Truth

A lion opened a new company and hired donkeys to work for him. At first, everything went great. The lion was in charge, the donkeys worked, and the company was thriving. After some time, the lion realized that he had a lot of money but no free time, so he decided to hire a manager. He hired a bear as a manager to run the company. As a professional manager, the bear requested various reports to better manage the company. Now the lion enjoyed his time, the bear managed, and the donkeys did their job and wrote reports for the bear.

After some time, the bear concluded that he spent too much time analyzing reports, so he hired a wolf as a deputy whose job was to make analyses and send a summary report to the bear. To show the bear how valuable he was, the wolf introduced new reports. Now, in addition to their regular work and old reports, the donkeys had to fill out new reports, which did not make them happy, and they had to stay longer to complete all the reports.

The bear saw that morale in the company was decreasing, so he hired a fox to improve it.

The fox conducted various surveys, organized courses and events to boost morale in the company. The donkeys were now openly showing dissatisfaction because they had more and more work.

At the same time, the lion noticed that the company’s profits were declining, so he called a meeting with the bear, and they decided to lay off half of the donkeys to reduce costs.

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