CARS don’t have a FACE

A lot of us would like to be a masked hero on another planet somewhere else in the universe. The magic is that a mask on our face also changes our behavior, and we do things we wouldn’t do without the mask. But reality looks different. Boring. We have to live our ordinary lives, full of responsibilities. Boring again.

This week, it happened several times that I had to maneuver very fast to avoid a car crash. It was very close. We would never mock an old lady, a mother with her child in a stroller, or an old man driving his grandchild to school in everyday life. No! We would never do something like this. We respect other people’s lives, right?

But behind the wheel, we are not the same person anymore. We are wild, impatient, crazy, and we kick everyone who stands in our way because they stand in our way. And we are in a hurry. In a really big hurry. And in the car, no one sees our face. And we don’t see the faces in other cars. They are just cars that stand in our way. And we have to be on time.

Eventually, cars don’t have a face. But we have it all the time, or we should have it, shouldn’t we?

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